Flexible Plans for Homeowners' Associations

Navigate provides flexible management plans in order to meet the unique needs of each community. We designed our services with the Board Members in mind. 


Each of our property management plans is designed to provide a cost-effective, innovative and flexible approach to management for each association. We developed three management plans that are based on the level of engagement and involvement of both the community and the Board. 





Typically for Associations between 3 and 10 units.


This plan is for the self-managed Board who wants peace of mind about the financials of the association and doesn't want to knock on neighbor's doors to collect association dues. 




Typically for Associations between 10 and 30 units.


While the Board is relatively involved in the operations of the association, the Board wants to rely on professional services for the day to day operations of the association and communication with unit owners. 

360 PLAN

Recommended for Associations above 30 units. 

We will guide the board through strategic planning and establish a multi-year plan for the community.

We are here at every step, helping the Board on small and large projects, on the governance and administration of the association, and offering enhanced financial reports.