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Why Navigate Community Management

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Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC)


Navigate Community Management is one of a few management companies with the AAMC designation in Washington State. Managing community associations is complicated, with many legal, financial and social implications, not something that should be done by untrained professionals. The AAMC designation requires a PCAM supervisor and at least 50% of the managers must have the Certified Manger of Community Association (CMCA) designation. 



Navigate is a team of uniquely qualified professionals and certified managers.


Our staff has continued access to professional development in regard to changing laws and certifications. More than 90% of community association board members prefer a management company with managers who have the required education and experience to earn professional credentials.

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Our management fees are all-inclusive. 


Other management companies have additional charges and mark-up. We don't. We don't nickel and dime you. When you do an apples-to-apples comparison you'll see how quickly their fees add up. We spend our time helping you build a better and stronger community. 



We offer cutting-edge technology and user-friendly online tools, accessible from any device. Living in a community and interacting with the management team should be easy. 90% of our homeowners used our portal. Our portal include many features: free online payment, access to documents 24/7, submit architectural modifications, online voting, submit maintenance request, view the Association calendar and more!

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We believe a team-based approach and collaborative management is the foundation to sucessfull and well-managed communities. We have built a customer service team designed to help homeowners, answer their questions and provide them the resources they need to live in their community. 



We take our fiduciary duty to our Associations very seriously. Our financial reports are delivered in a timely manner and are fully transparent. You have access through the portal to a full financial report monthly, including, but not limited to a balance sheet, budget comparison, delinquent homeowners, check register, reconciliation reports, bank statements, copies of each invoice we paid and more!

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We created different management plans - financial only services, full service, full management with inspections - for small and large communities. Our smallest community has just 3 homes and our largest has hundreds of homes. We are happy to meet and discuss your Association's needs and customize our services to your community.

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