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Serving our communities

Vendor Registration

One of our roles as the managing agent is to obtain and monitor insurance, licensing, and company information of vendors who serve our associations. 


In an industry challenged by increased liability exposures and risks, we continually seek ways to protect our communities and their homeowners. Board Members constantly ask for contractor and vendor vetting procedures and requirements. Using vendors with appropriate licensing, insurance, and compliance is critical to the success of our client management relationships.


If you would like to serve the communities we manage, please fill out and submit the registration form below. Thank you for your cooperation.


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Getting paid & submitting invoices

At Navigate Community Management, we aim to make our payment process as smooth and efficient as possible for our dedicated contractors and vendors. We appreciate the services you provide to our HOA and Condominium clients and understand the importance of clear and timely payments for the success of your business. We operate on Net 30 payment terms, meaning your payment will be processed 30 days from the invoice date. This allows us to manage our financial obligations effectively, such as getting Board approval when required, while ensuring that you are paid in a timely manner.

What should be on the invoice:

Invoice Details. Your invoice should include:

  • Your company name, address, and contact information

  • The name of the Association (property name)

  • The location of the work was performed (address)

  • A unique invoice number

  • The date of the invoice

  • A detailed description of the services provided or products supplied

  • The total amount due

  • Any applicable taxes

Invoice by email (preferred method)

We constantly strive to enhance our operational efficiencies and streamline our payment processes. Submitting your invoices via email to is a crucial step in achieving this goal, offering several significant benefits:

  1. Faster Processing Time: Email allows us to receive your invoices immediately, eliminating the wait times associated with postal delivery. This direct submission ensures that your invoices enter our processing queue without delay.

  2. Shorter Turnaround for Payments: By reducing the initial processing time, we can expedite the entire payment cycle. Email submissions help us to quickly verify invoice details and process payments, aiming to meet or even exceed our Net 30 terms whenever possible.

  3. Eliminates Risk of Lost or Delayed Mail: Traditional mail carries the risk of being lost, delayed, or mishandled. Email submissions mitigate these risks, providing a direct and secure channel between your business and our accounts payable department.

How to submit an invoice by email:

We can only accept invoices as a PDF attachment to an email.

The following invoices are not accepted:

  • An email with a link to download an invoice

  • Word Document

  • Excel Document

  • Picture of an invoice 

  • Typed invoice in an email. 

If you have any questions about an invoice, please email

If you are unable to send invoices via email with a PDF attachment, please send your invoice via regular mail to:

Navigate Community Management

113 Cherry St PMB 39816

Seattle, Washington 98104-2205 US

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