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Vendor Compliance and Verification Program

One of our roles as managing agent for our mutual clients is to obtain and monitor insurance, licensing and company information of vendors who serve our associations. In an industry challenged by increased liability exposures and risks, we are continually seeking ways to protect our clients. Board Members are constantly contractor and vendor vetting procedure and requirements. Using vendors with appropriate licensing, insurance and compliance is critical to the success of our client management relationships.


Board Members and Navigate Community Management have a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen all vendors prior to authorizing service requests and bidding out contracts. In order to fulfill this responsibility, Navigate Community Management is enhancing its Vendor Verification Program by partnering with Vendor Information Verification Experts (VIVE) to consolidate the current vendor licensing and insurance tracking process.


VIVE specializes in certifying vendors in the community management industry. Registration is required for all vendors to continue a relationship with the communities managed by Navigate Community Management. The registration process is streamlined and easy, taking less than 15 minutes and comes with a nominal annual fee.





What's required for registration?

  • Corporate Information

  • Trade & License Information

  • Insurance Information

  • Complete a W-9 & Vendor Agreement

  • Pay Annual Fee



Vendor benefits to registering with VIVE


Simple, Fast & Easy

  • 15 minute process to register

  • Approval is good for 12 months

  • Your VIVE Certificationa pplies to the entire portfolio of communities managed by Navigate Community Management.



  • Increase exposure to existing clients through the VIVE platform

  • You’ll be able to select a primary trade type and list out ten additional trade types.

  • Managers search and filter the vendor database to query vendors by trade.

  • Managers will search for vendors who have completed the verification process.


Equal Treatment

  • Level the playing field

  • Reduced competition from unqualified vendors

  • The platform increases competitive bid opportunities.



If you have any questions about the process, credential requirements or need general assistance, please contact VIVE’s experienced team at (844) 476-8038 or through online chat at