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Payment options for your Assessments

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Payment Options via Appfolio Homeowner Portal

eCheck (ACH): $2.49 per transaction

Debit Card: $2.49 per transaction

Credit Card: 3.49% per transaction

Appfolio Homeowner Portal



  • One convenient platform, a simple user interface, available with a mobile App.

  • Extremely reliable and timely.

  • Auto-Pay and Pay Balance in Full option that adjusts as common charges change.

  • Payment posts immediately to the unit’s ledger. Payments processed on the 10th or the 15th of the month, common late payment due dates, post and are considered “received” so late fees are not charged.



  • Transaction Fees.

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Payment Options via Premier Property Pay Bank Portal

eCheck (ACH): No Transactions fees

One-time or recurring payment

Premier Property Pay Bank Portal



  • No transaction fees.

  • Reliable and convenient with Auto-Pay options.



  • Two platforms to use.

  • No mobile App.

  • Need account information 

  • Need to edit payment amounts when common charge amounts change.

  • The bank’s payment portal takes a few business days, typically three (3), to post to the unit’s ledger. Payments made within a few days of the Association’s late payment due date could process after due date and will be considered late.


Personal checks or Bank Bill Pay via Lockbox Service


No Transactions fees.

Checks are not accepted at the office. Please follow instructions.

Personal Checks & Bank Bill Pay



  • No transaction fees.


  • Requires the correct account number on the check or a coupon.

  • Cost of postage.

  • Cost of checks and envelopes.

  • Opportunity cost - time and energy to write and mail checks.

  • Risk of check fraud.

  • Risk of check lost by USPS.

  • Security risk for your personal information (address, bank account information) if check is lost by USPS.

  • Checks travel through the USPS mail system which is not 100% timely or reliable.

  • Checks mailed before the late date are at times received after the late date and creates late charges.

  • Bank bill-pay checks are a physical paper check that travels through the USPS mail system, which is not 100% timely or reliable.

  • Bank errors in writing or posting checks can happen.

If you haven't received your account information for Premier Property Pay, please submit the form below. We'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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Need to send documents to us via mail?

Mailing address (no payments at this address):

Navigate Community Management

113 Cherry St

PMB 44137

Seattle, Washington 98104-2205 US

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