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Late fee information

Each Association has its own late fee rule and due date. We invite homeowners to review their Governing Documents and become familiar with the late fee rule of their community. 


When a homeowner did not make a payment by the due date, the following may apply:

1) Late charges: Late charges may include late fees, interest charges or other charges. Late fees & interest may be applied to the homeowner as set forth in the Governing Documents and Rules of the Association. Please note that Navigate Community Management cannot change the late fees & interest rules. 

2) Administrative charges: When an account is delinquent, administrative charges and/or fees may be added in addition to the late fees to recoup costs incurred by the Association.

3) Legal charges: When a homeowner's account is turned over to the Association's attorney for collection, all legal costs, court fees, and other administrative charges are added to the account of the homeowner. It's our policy that once an account is turned over to attorney by the Board of Directors, our staff can no longer communicate with the homeowner about their delinquent account. 

Late fees are applied to a homeowner's account based on the collection policy, or rules and regulations, of the Community. The rules applying to late payments or non-payment of HOA and Condominium's Assessment (or Dues) can be found in the Governing Documents of the Association.

Late fees and/or interest are charged if payment is received after the due date. Navigate will not remove a late fee without Board approval, unless the late was charged by error or incorrectly. 

If you would like to dispute a late fee and/or interests, you will need to fully complete and submit the below form below. Requests that meet the requirements will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for review.

Because your request may not be reviewed by the Board of Directors until the next meeting, we recommend that you pay your balance in full to avoid any additional late fees, interests or other charges. 

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