Professional Guidance

Are you putting your most valuable asset in the hands of the most qualified professionals? 

Community Association Management is complex, an effective community association manager must have a solid understanding of contracting, customer service, ethics, financial management, facilities maintenance, basic construction, accounting, board management, governance, human resources, insurance, legal and reserve funding.

As a board member, trustee or volunteer leader working with your association, your decisions can have a profound impact. Professional guidance can make the difference between prosperity and distress for yourself and your neighbors.

To ensure that you have the expert guidance you need to protect your community's assets, look for managers with credentials such as the CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations), AMS (Association Management Specialist) and PCAM (Professional Community Manager).

'More than 90% of community association Board Members would prefer to hire a community manager who has the required education and experience to earn professional credentials'.

Learn more about each credential:

PCAM Information

AMS Information

CMCA Information


'When Nicolas became our property manager, our building was in bad shape.  Owners had been allowed to fall behind on their assessments, the roof was leaking, things were being stolen from the building on almost a daily basis.  Nicolas turned us around completely.  He is always prepared.  He keeps the board informed of project progress, of changes in condominium law, of best practices, of board responsibilities.  He made a giant difference in our building.'

Carolyn Mylander, Board Secretary.

Experience, Expertise, Ethics. 

We are dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in our industry by providing our clients with superior guidance and expertise. Our management philosophy is that every employee, current or future, must earn at minimum the CMCA certification within 6 months of employment. 


Nicolas, owner and founder of Navigate, holds the Certified Manager of Community Association (CMCA) and Association Management Specialist (AMS) credentials from the Community Association Institute. He is also a candidate for the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, the highest designation of the Community Association industry.