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Community Association Management

Managing a Community Association, whether a single-family home homeowners' association, a condominium building, or townhomes, is complex and requires many professional skills:

  • Governance

  • Financial & Accounting

  • Day-to-day Operations

  • Administrative 

  • Project Coordination

  • Communication

  • Education

  • Community Meetings

  • Community Standards

  • And more!


The difference between a property manager and a community association manager.

Property managers deal primarily with commercial, industrial, and rental buildings and units, along with their tenants. They report to individual owners and do tasks to keep the buildings and units maintained and rented. In contrast, professional community association managers are trained to work with the board of directors to fulfill the three operational purposes of a community association: community, governance, and business.  Although property managers can be highly skilled, these skills are different from the required skills of a community association manager.

When searching for management services for your community, be sure to look for credentials and certifications in the community industry.


Accredited Association Management Company

A minimum of 3 years providing management services, a PCAM as supervisor, at least 50% of the staff with a CMCA, maintain a certain level of insurance and comply with CAI's Code of Ethics.


Professional Community

Association Manager

Requires a minimum of 5 years of verified experience as manager, 100+ hours in community association management classes and the successful completion of a case study.


Association Management Specialist

Requires a minimum of 2 years of verified experience as a community manager, 40+ hours of community association classes and successfully passed the CMCA examination.


Certified Manager of Community Associations

Requires the successful completion of 18 hours of community management education; and the successful completion of National Exam.



Our Management Approach

Team-based & collaborative

One of our core value is team-based & collaborative work. At Navigate, we operate as a team so the day-to-day management and operations of your Association does not rely on the shoulders of one staff member. This ensures continuity of service in all aspect of managemenet.

Technology platform: our homeowner portal

Navigate invested in cutting-edge and user-friendly technology available from any device. Homeowners can, from their phone, tablet or laptop, effectively communicate with our office, make online payment at no charge, submit requests, access documents of the Association, review the Association's calendar and vote online! From our portal, homeowners can: - Review their account and payment history - Submit payments and enroll in auto-payment - Report maintenance issues - Review the Association's Calendar and meeting schedule - Access Documents & official communication - Update their contact information - Submit ARC/ACC (exterior modifications) request - Vote for Board members election

Technology platform: our board portal

From our portal, Board members can: - Review ARC/ACC requests and communicate with other board members - Vote on ARC/ACC requests - Review and approve invoices - Review and approve proposals - Access financial reports of the Association - Access Board-only calendar - Access Board-only documents - Sign checks - And more!

Customer Service Team

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